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Courtship is actually a purposeful and organized program of activities. Even with the growing support of the proposed 'shift of view' against traditional gender-attached stereotypes, a lot of guys are still being pressured to 'make the first move'; the courting process nowadays, still, usually starts with a guy and ends with the girl being courted.

Various tips for getting a girl abound, but which ones are really helpful? Which are really effective?

There are tips which are too cliché-type. There is no need to emphasize about how some tips are very expensive, in terms of either cash or efforts or even both. Some are not suited to the courting guy's character, while there are also those which may be considered not the kinds of approach most girls expect. Courting tips are considered as such, because they have worked for some people in some scenarios, and have yielded results beneficial to the ones involved in the whole courtship process. But because one may not be able to do in the exact same manner what another has done earlier, the question now lies not on which tips are actually effective, but how a guy may be able to display the essence of these tips gathered.

Courtship is done for a purpose. What is the objective of the courting being done? Is it to capture the girl's heart? Will the guy be content about just revealing his feelings and the outcome does not matter much? Is the courtship being done only with the intention of satisfying the guy's hurting ego, or as a reaction to a dare? The purpose must be made clear all the time; the purpose dictates the movement. Whatever the purpose may be, it is also important to consider the possibility of rejection; bear in mind that most guys will go after tips for getting a girl in a manner which is not offending to the latter.

Courtship is organized, which means the one courting has to cover all details fully. The magic word here is 'plan'. The courting guy must have a clear vision of what he is to achieve and what may be the necessary things required for him to be able to do so. More than the actual activities for courting a girl, the details of the plan must include timeframe or how long the guy is willing to wait for the girl's decision, the resources available, as well as support systems like friends and warm circle. Decisions to execute a planned activity may be made impromptu, and one must not think about the general idea of what to do only on the spur of the moment.

Opportunity is not really going to present itself round the clock; more often than not, opportunity must be sought after. The more reliable mindset is: being prepared when the right time comes, not just waiting for that time to come to be able to prepare on the spot.

Before a guy even thinks about soliciting different and tested tips for getting a girl he likes, the purpose of the courting must be deciphered and the plan of action must first be taken into account; only then will the guy be able to take this on a whole new level no matter how courtship may end.

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Tips For Getting a Girl

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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