Five Motivating Tips to Keep You Motivated

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I love being motivated, and I love motivating others. Motivation puts a smile on my face. What motivates me? Well, I have my own self starters and here are five that get me going.

Tip One: There is no question that our happiness is a product of our attitude. Will I have a mediocre attitude or a happy attitude today? It's up to me. If I'm happy, I'm more motivated to get things done. Note to self: Decide to have a happy attitude.

Tip Two: Every cause brings its effect. Every action has a consequence. Note to self: Make sure everything you do today brings the right effect into your life. Make sure every action you take today is an action that brings the right consequence into your life.

Tip Three: Pretend you are talking to a little two or three-year-old. What would you say to that two or three-year-old to motivate them? "Isn't this going to be fun? Aren't you glad you came? Don't you just love to learn? Picture how great it's going to be." Note to self: Keep talking and visualizing until you feel motivated! (It's that easy!)

Tip Four: Do you know someone you can help? Do you know you are making the decision not to help that person just by standing by and watching? Make a decision to consciously make a decision from now on. Note to self: Be responsible for every action you take. Help someone out today.

Tip Five: Act as though it's impossible to fail -- and it shall be. Act as though it's possible to fail -- and it shall be. The sentence you use is the one that works, so make sure you're using the one you want to work. Note to self: Remember, your brain is listening to everything you think/say today, so make today the best that it can be.

I hope I have given you some great motivating tips. If you would like more, here is a web page, "Motivating Tips".

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Five Motivating Tips to Keep You Motivated

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This article was published on 2010/04/02