15 Short Cooking Tips

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Tip number 1 - Vegetables should be stored in a cool, dark place: the sunlight partially destroys them carotene.

Tip number 2 - To salt was dry, put the salt in 3.2 grain of rice.

Tip number 3 - To remain white cauliflower, soak it before cooking in a slightly acidified water.

Tip number 4 - To beet the juicy and delicious, it is better to boil, no cleaning of the skin and cutting off the roots.

Tip number 5 - pickle salad should be just before serving - in advance of salted vegetables release a lot of juice.

Tip number 6 - To beet, while cooking, do not lose color, you can add water or broth a little sugar, the rate of half a teaspoon to two liters of water.

Tip number 7 - in the liquid from canned peas contains as much sugar, vitamins and mineral salts as in the pea.

Tip number 8 - Potato and beet salad is better to cook unpeeled. Unpeeled potatoes in boiling loses 20% of vitamin C, and purified in two more.

Tip number 9 - Witherbarks greens can recover its previous form, when to hold it in cold water and vinegar.

Tip number 10 - Lunch should be ready in time. Not before and not later than the appointed time. If you cook it in advance, then have to re-heat or long leave on a hot plate, which reduces the nutritional value, and in many cases, and the taste of food.

Tip number 11 - add water to the soup during cooking should not be, as it affects its taste.

Tip number 12 - Broth should be salted for 30 minutes before end of cooking, the fish - before, mushroom - after cooking.

Tip number 13 - Meat and bones for cooking soups poured only cold water. It is advisable to boil the soup quickly, so he put on a strong fire. Foam formed at the boiling point, you should promptly remove, then reduce heat and cook a little longer the soup with a weak, barely noticeable boiling.

Tip number 14 - Fat taken from the broth, especially good for frying, as distinguished delicate flavor and aroma.

Tip number 15 - When the meat is cooked, it is removed from the soup and stored before serving in a small amount of broth, closing the bowl with cheesecloth.
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15 Short Cooking Tips

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This article was published on 2010/12/11